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Roswell Planning Commission to Consider Proposal to Increase Landscape Requirements

March 16, 2023

On Tuesday, February 21, the Roswell Planning Commission discussed a proposed text amendment to the City’s Uniform Development Code that would significantly increase the percentage of landscape/open space required for new development of the following building types: Townhouse, Walk-Up Flat, Stacked Flat, Commercial House, Single-Story Shop Front, Mixed Use Building, General Building and Civic Building.

The amendment increases the requirement of landscape/open space for certain building types by 20% (See ordinance for list of building types). During the meeting, commissioners discussed the variance opportunities available to property owners as well as the allowance for certain property amenities and required setbacks and easements that can be allocated towards the landscape/open space requirements.

The Commission approved the proposed amendment with the following changes:

  • Delete item UDC Section 2.2.6, Letter C: a. Redevelopment that does not meet the minimum landscape open space percent requirements shall maintain their current percent of landscape open space as the required minimum percent.
  • Delete item UDC Section 3.2.9, Item number 3 in proposed text amendment.
  • Delete item UDC Section 11.2.6, Item number 30 in proposed text amendment.

The amendment with the proposed changes went before the City Council on Monday, March 13, 2023. The Council made some additional changes, and the ordinance will be scheduled for a second hearing later this month.

Proposed Amendment

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