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Social Awareness: A Letter from the President

August 27, 2020

Dear Atlanta REALTORS®,

At this important time in our history, as we witness both peaceful protests and devastation across our country, Americans are coming together to express outrage and grief for the senseless death of George Floyd and other victims of injustice. We must not be silent, but speak out against racism and in support of equal rights for all Americans.

The diversity of the Atlanta REALTORS® Association is one of our greatest strengths, and we stand with our members, partners, staff and communities, ready to be a part of the solution. Within our organization, let us ensure that we are listening to ALL voices, equally. As REALTORS®, let us ensure that we continue to promote Fair Housing and homeownership for ALL Americans.

It is time for open, honest and respectful dialogue. It is time to listen, learn and evolve. Let’s work on positive, enduring solutions that can be a legacy of hope for future generations.  Together, let us pray that the pleas of our nation will be met with compassion, justice and lasting change to end racism and inequality in America, once and for all.

With compassion,

Jennifer Pino

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